Chapter 36

Chapter 36: A Conservative Insurgency

Chapter Outline

I. The Reagan revolution

  1. 1980 prelude---Reagan's contrast to Carter
  2. The making of a president
    1. Reagan as actor and Democrat
    2. Conservative transformation
    3. California governor
    4. Demographic factors favoring Reagan
      1. Population aging
      2. Growth of "Sunbelt"
    5. Rise of new fundamentalism
      1. Increased popularity
      2. The Moral Majority's political agenda
      3. Religious right rejects Carter
    6. The rise of anti-feminism
  3. The 1980 election
    1. Results
    2. Voter apathy

II. Reagan's first term

  1. Reaganomics
    1. Background to "supply-side" economics
    2. Tax cuts passed by Congress
    3. Deficit increased
  2. Reagan's domestic performance
    1. Budget cuts
      1. Social programs cut
      2. Deepening recession
      3. New tax bill passed by Congress
    2. Charges of scandal and corruption
    3. Reagan's anti-liberalism
      1. Reagan's stance on labor
      2. Reagan's stance on women
      3. Reagan's stance on civil rights
  3. Reagan's foreign policy
    1. The defense buildup
      1. Soviets as the evil empire
      2. Strategic Defense Initiative
      3. Soviet crackdown on Polish Solidarity
    2. The Americas
      1. El Salvador
      2. Nicaragua
    3. The Middle East
      1. Reasons for tensions
      2. America's position
      3. Tragedy in Lebanon
    4. Grenada

III. Reagan's second term

  1. The election of 1984
    1. Republicans
    2. Democrats
    3. Election results
  2. Tax reform
  3. The Iran-Contra affair
    1. Background
    2. Tower Commission
    3. Effects
  4. Central America
    1. Nicaragua
    2. El Salvador
  5. Debt and the stock market crash
  6. The poor, the homeless, and AIDS victims
  7. A historic treaty
    1. Agreement to eliminate intermediate range missiles
    2. Gorbachev reorients Soviet policy
  8. The Reagan legacy
  9. The 1988 election
    1. Michael Dukakis
    2. George Bush
    3. The campaign
    4. Election results

IV. The George H. W. Bush administration

  1. Tone of the Bush administration
  2. The national debt
  3. The drug problem
  4. The end of the cold war
    1. Crackdown on democracy movement in China
    2. Gorbachev repudiates Brezhnev Doctrine
    3. East European Communist regimes quickly collapse
    4. Germany re-unifies
    5. Failed Communist coup in the Soviet Union
    6. The break-up of the USSR
  5. Panama
    1. The problem of Manuel Noriega
    2. Invasion of Panama and capture of Noriega
  6. The Gulf War
    1. Background
    2. Actions by United Nations and United States
    3. Operation Desert Shield
    4. Operation Desert Storm
    5. Aftermath of war
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