Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Fair Deal And Containment

Research Topics

Containment and the Cold War


What were the origins of the containment policy, and how was it applied in the early years of the Cold War?

The close of World War II did not usher in an era of peace. Instead, disagreements between former allies, the Soviet Union and the United States, led to a period of tensions and conflicts known as the Cold War. In the late 1940s U.S. politicians and diplomats crafted a foreign policy known as containment to counter the Soviet threat.


Choose from the following titles:

  1. The Sources of Soviet Conduct (1947), George F. Kennan
  2. A Critique of Containment (1947), Walter Lippman
  3. The Truman Doctrine
  4. The Marshall Plan
  5. Winston Churchill: The Sinews of Peace (March 5, 1946)
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