Chapter 29

Chapter 29: From Isolation To Global War

Research Topics

The Bonus Expeditionary Force


Why did President Hoover send U.S. troops to remove the protesters in the Bonus Expeditionary Force?

By 1932 President Herbert Hoover's inability to resolve the crisis of the Great Depression had made him very unpopular with the American people. He made matters worse in July 1932 when he used U.S. Army soldiers against protesters in Washington D.C. These protesters were members of the Bonus Expeditionary Force, a group of World War I veterans who demanded early payment of a bonus promised to them in 1924. Hoover defended the attack, but it further alienated the public.


Choose from the following titles:

  1. Herbert Hoover: Statement about the Bonus Marchers (July 28, 1932)
  2. Senator Patrick J. Hurley to General Douglas MacArthur (July 28 1932)
  3. News Conference, Patrick J. Hurley and General Douglas MacArthur
  4. Luis H. Reichelfelder to President Hoover (July 28, 1932)
  5. Herbert Hoover, Letter to the Commissioners of the District of Columbia Providing Federal Troops to Deal With the Bonus Marchers.
  6. Statement About the Bonus Marchers (July 29, 1932)
  7. Photograph: The Bonus Army Riot (1932)
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