Chapter 28

Chapter 28: New Deal America

Research Topics

African Americans and the New Deal


Did African Americans receive fair treatment during the New Deal?

New Deal programs offered much-needed assistance to Americans during the Great Depression. However, the benefits of these programs were not equally distributed among the populace. Minorities were often denied assistance, or had limited access to programs. African Americans endured segregation in some work projects. Nonetheless, because the New Deal offered at least some help during hard times, many minority Americans supported President Roosevelt and the Democratic Party.


Choose from the following titles:

  1. The Bronx Slave Market, 1935
  2. We Do Our Part-But... (1933)
  3. Harold Ickes Criticizes Segregation (September 20. 1935)
  4. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Robert Fechner (September 27, 1935)
  5. Robert Fechner Defends Segregation in the CCC (September 21, 1935)
  6. Baby sick, truck broken
  7. Free soup, coffee
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