Chapter 25

Chapter 25: America And The Great War

Research Topics

League of Nations


Why did the United States reject membership in the League of Nations?

Woodrow Wilson saw the Allied victory in World War I as an opportunity to revise the international order. At the peace negotiations held outside Paris in 1919, Wilson successfully argued for the creation of a League of Nations. Many Americans, however, believed that membership in the organization might require American entry into a future war. Senators such as Henry Cabot Lodge blocked passage of the peace treaty, and the United States never joined the League of Nations.


Choose from the following titles:

  1. The Fourteen Points (1918)
  2. The League of Nations (1919)
  3. The League of Nations Must Be Revised (1919), Henry Cabot Lodge
  4. Wilson welcomed as a hero in Europe
  5. Cartoon: Three Senators Refuse a Lady a Seat
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