Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Progressive Era

Research Topics

Progressives and Trusts


Why were Progressives concerned about trusts?

Progressivism was a reform movement that developed in response to the economic and social changes of the late 19th century. Progressives promoted issues such as urban development, protection of democratic institutions, and government regulation of the economy. One area of concern was the strength and influence of trusts in American life. Many Americans feared trusts because of their effects on consumers and democratic institutions. The Progressive presidents, Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson, all used the power of the executive branch to weaken trusts.


Choose from the following titles:

  1. "The Treason of the Senate" (1906), David Graham Phillips
  2. "Wall Street and the House of Dollars" (1906)
  3. Cartoon: Alphabet of Trusts: B is for Beef (1902)
  4. Cartoon: No Lack of Big Game
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