Chapter 19

Chapter 19: New Frontiers: South And West

Research Topics

American Indians in the New West


How did westward expansion after the Civil War change the lives of American Indians?

The wave of settlement in the American West after the Civil War created a crisis for American Indians. They fought to maintain their independence and their cultures in the face of diminishing resources and military opposition. Ultimately, most were confined to reservations, where they struggled to maintain their way of life.


Choose from the following titles:

  1. An Indian's Perspective, Chief Joseph
  2. Crazy Horse, "I Have Spoken" (1877)
  3. Sitting Bull (1882)
  4. Luther Standing Bear
  5. Photograph Issue Day: Native Americans Waiting for Government Supplies
  6. Photograph: Scene of Custer's last stand
  7. Photograph: Apache Indians
  8. Photograph: Buffalo in Oklahoma
  9. Photograph: Council of Cheyenne and Arapaho
  10. Photograph: Squaw fixing Hopi man's hair
  11. Photograph: Mandan Indian in costume
  12. Photograph: Custer's scout Bloody Knife
  13. Photograph: Return from Wounded Knee
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