Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Reconstruction: North And South

Research Topics

Media portrayals of African Americans during Reconstruction


How were African Americans presented in the media during Reconstruction?

During Reconstruction, the American people debated the rights and responsibilities of African Americans now that the era of slavery had come to an end. Images can shape responses and attitudes, and the media images of African Americans influenced American's perceptions of those debates. Artists opposed to the extension of the rights of citizenship often relied upon stereotypes in their images. Supporters of the African American cause created illustrations that reflected dignity and determination.


Choose from the following titles:

  1. Black Suffrage
  2. First Black Voter
  3. Negro Suffrage Platform
  4. Freedman's Union Industrial School
  5. Plenty to Eat and Nothing to Do
  6. Black students learn on street
  7. Freed Slave Statue
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