Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Manifest Destiny

Research Topics

The Mexican War


Why did some Americans oppose the war with Mexico?

In 1846 American troops stationed along the Rio Grande faced Mexican soldiers on the river's southern banks. After a brief skirmish between the soldiers in April, President James Polk asked the U.S. Congress to declare war against Mexico. War fever swept the nation, but some Americans believed that the conflict was unnecessary and would have negative consequences for the United States.


Choose from the following titles:

  1. Polk's Request for War with Mexico (1846)
  2. Representative Abraham Lincoln Disagrees with President Polk (1846)
  3. Resistance to Civil Government (1849), Henry David Thoreau
  4. U.S. Grant, Memoir on the Mexican War (1885)
  5. Map, The Mexican War: Major Campaigns
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