Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The Jacksonian Impulse

Research Topics

Indian Removal


Was Andrew Jackson correct in maintaining that removing American Indians communities from the southern states would ensure their continued survival?

As white settlers moved into the Lower South to grow cotton, they discovered that much of the land in the region belonged to American Indian communities. State governments argued, which claimed that Indians were subject to their laws, began to harass Indians and allow white to illegal claim Indian land. President Jackson maintained that the Indians had to abide by state law. However, he argued it would be better if they relocated to Indian Territory, west of the Mississippi. Despite widespread opposition from American Indians, the federal government forces tribes such as the Cherokees and Choctaw to relocate.


Choose from the following titles:

  1. Map
  2. Samuel Cloud on the Trail of Tears (1838)
  3. Andrew Jackson: First Annual Message to Congress (1829)
  4. The Cherokee: The Memorial of the Cherokee Nation (1830)
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