Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Federalist Era

Chapter Outline

Organizing the new government

  1. America in 1789
  2. The convening of Congress
  3. The first president
  4. Structure of the government
    1. Cabinet posts and appointments
    2. Court system
  5. Bill of Rights added to the Constitution
  6. The First Amendment and church-state relations
  7. Revenue for the government
    1. Import and tonnage duties
    2. North-South divisions over tariff policy

Hamilton's vision of America

  1. Hamilton's background
  2. Hamilton's views on government and the economy
  3. The Reports on Public Credit
    1. Funding and assumption of the debt
    2. Proposal for an excise tax on liquor
    3. Proposal for a national bank and mint
    4. Report on Manufactures
  4. Reactions to Hamilton's credit proposals
    1. Concern about rewarding speculators
    2. Sectional differences
    3. Compromise solution---relocation of the capital
  5. Hamilton's plan for a national bank
    1. Advantages and functions of a bank
    2. Controversy over its constitutionality
    3. Hamilton wins Washington's approval
  6. Hamilton's Report on Manufactures
    1. Advantages of governmental development of manufacturing
    2. Techniques to promote manufacturing
    3. Reactions to the proposals
  7. The success of Hamilton's programs

Development of political parties

  1. Madison's and Jefferson's general reactions
  2. Jefferson's and Hamilton's views compared
  3. Development of party support

Crises foreign and domestic

  1. Foreign affairs
    1. Impact of the French Revolution
    2. Washington's neutrality proclamation
    3. Actions of Citizen Genet
    4. Americans divide over support for Britain or France
  2. Jay's Treaty
    1. Jay's instructions
    2. Terms accepted by Jay
    3. Public reactions to the treaty
    4. Congressional reaction
    5. Washington reluctantly signs the treaty
  3. The Battle of Fallen Timbers
  4. Whiskey Rebellion
    1. Basis for the rebellion
    2. Army sent to disperse the rebellion
    3. Effects of the incident
  5. Pinckney's Treaty
    1. Issues with Spain
    2. Terms of the treaty
  6. Development of land policy
    1. Party conflict over basic principles of land policy
    2. Congressional changes in land policy from 1796 to 1804
  7. The Wilderness Road
    1. Daniel Boone
    2. Pioneer life
  8. Washington's farewell
    1. Summary of his achievements as president
    2. General principles of the Farewell Address

The Adams administration

  1. Election of 1796
    1. Candidates
    2. Outcome of the election
  2. Adams the man
  3. Troubles with France
    1. French interference with American shipping
    2. The XYZ Affair
    3. Creation of a navy and the beginning of an undeclared war
    4. Organization of a new army
    5. The Convention of 1800 ends the war
  4. The Alien and Sedition Acts
    1. The war worsens party divisions
    2. Terms and purposes of the acts
    3. Arrests and prosecutions
    4. Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions

Election of 1800

  1. Candidates
  2. Outcome of the election
  3. Packing the judiciary
  4. The election as a turning point in American political history
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