Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Shaping A Federal Union

Research Topics

Hamilton’s Vision of America’s Future


How did Alexander Hamilton envision the future of the United States?

In some ways the 1790s can be understood as an era of competing visions of the future. Alexander Hamilton, the brilliant secretary of the treasury, issued three reports that saw the American future as one of banks and factories that would bring wealth to the nation. Thomas Jefferson offered a different vision, one of farmers who enjoyed liberty. The political parties that developed during this period formed around the ideas and visions of these two men.


Choose from the following titles:

  1. The First Report on Public Credit by Alexander Hamilton (1789)
  2. Hamilton Argues for the Constitutionality of the National Bank, February 15, 1791
  3. Jefferson Argues Against the Constitutionality of a National Bank, February 23, 1971
  4. Hamilton's Report on Manufactures
  5. Thomas Jefferson to Philip Mazzei (April 24, 1796)
  6. Medal of the Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of Agriculture, 1786
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