Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Imperial Perspective

Research Topics

The French and Indian War


What was the nature of warfare in the French and Indian War?

Also known as the Seven Years' War, the French and Indian War began disastrously for the British. General Edward Braddock dismissed the fighting capabilities of the Indians and paid for his arrogance with his life. Over time, however, the British successfully battled the French, and the war ended with a British victory in 1763.


Choose from the following titles:

  1. Anonymous: Account of General Braddock's Defeat (1755).
  2. Baron de Dieskau: Letter to Count D'Argenson (September 14, 1755).
  3. Captain John Knox: FROM The Fall of Quebec
  4. France kneels before a victorious Britain, 1763
  5. Major Campaigns of the French and Indian Wars,
  6. North America, 1713
  7. North America, 1763
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