Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Britain And Its Colonies

Research Topics

Indentured Servitude


What was life like for an indentured servant in the Chesapeake?

The high demand for labor in the Chesapeake led many young English men and women to seek opportunity there. To pay for passage across the Atlantic, they signed indentures, or contracts, whereby they agreed to labor for a set period of time. Once in the Chesapeake, the servants discovered they had few legal protections from abusive masters intent on exploiting their labor.


Choose from the following titles:

  1. Letter Home (1623)
  2. Indenture Contracts for Three Boys (1699).
  3. Advertisement for Two Run-Away Servants (24 July 1769)
  4. Robert Beverley: FROM The History and Present State of Virginia (1705)
  5. Lament of Elizabeth Sprigs (22 September 1756)
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