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1 The Collision Of Cultures
2 Britain And Its Colonies
3 Colonial Ways Of Life
4 The Imperial Perspective
5 From Empire To Independence
6 The American Revolution
7 Shaping A Federal Union
8 The Federalist Era
9 The Early Republic
10 Nationalism And Sectionalism
11 The Jacksonian Impulse
12 The Dynamics Of Growth
13 An American Renaissance: Religion, Romanticism, And Reform
14 Manifest Destiny
15 The Old South
16 The Crisis Of Union
17 The War Of The Union
18 Reconstruction: North And South
19 New Frontiers: South And West
20 Big Business And Organized Labor
21 The Emergence Of Urban America
22 Gilded-age Politics And Agrarian Revolt
23 An American Empire
24 The Progressive Era
25 America And The Great War
26 The Modern Temper
27 Republican Resurgence And Decline
28 New Deal America
29 From Isolation To Global War
30 The Second World War
31 The Fair Deal And Containment
32 Through The Picture Window: Society And Culture, 19451960
33 Conflict And Deadlock: The Eisenhower Years
34 New Frontiers: Politics And Social Change In The 1960s
35 Rebellion And Reaction In The 1960s And 1970s
36 A Conservative Insurgency
37 Triumph And Tragedy: America At The Turn Of The Century

FROM The Salem Witchcraft Papers: Verbatim Transcripts of the Legal Documents of the Salem Witchcraft Outbreak of 1692 (Compiled 1938).1. Sarah Abbott v. Martha Carrier

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Annotation 3.1

The Trial of Martha Carrier (with Jake)

1. Sarah Abbott v. Martha Carrier

The deposition of Sarah Abbott aged about 32 years testifieth that since my husband had a parcell of land granted by the Towne, lying near the land of Thomas Carrier, (Which as I have heard) his wife Martha Carrier was greatly troubled at & gave out Threatening words that my husband Benjamin Abbott has not been only afflicted in his body, as he testifies, but also that strange & unusuall things has happened to his Cattle, for some have died suddenly & strangely, which we could not tell any naturall reason for, & one Cowe Cleaned a fourthnight before she Calved, but the Cowe died afterwards strangely though she calved well soe far as we Could prceive, & some of the Cattle would Come out of the woods with their tounges hanging out of their mouths in a strange & affrighting manner, & many such things, which we can give no account of the reason of, unless it should be the effects, of Martha Carriers threatnings.

Reference : America: A Narrative History, 6th Edition, Chapter 3; Inventing America, Chapter 3; Give Me Liberty, Chapter 3

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