NOTE: Microdem is only available for PCs at this time.

Microdem is a free, easy-to-use geographic information software (GIS) package designed by Dr. Peter Guth at the U.S. Naval Academy that helps you understand and analyze landforms and landscapes.

Microdem allows you to do digitally what you would normally do on paper in this course. For example, you can draw profiles, make contour maps, and measure stream gradient and sinuosity.

Microdem also helps you visualize surface features by constructing digital elevation models, creating three-dimensional perspective views, and importing USGS and Google Earth® images.

Digital Elevation Model Downloads

These files can be downloaded, then opened and analyzed using the Microdem software.

To Download Microdem:

  1. Go to the Microdem website.
  2. Click on the Download link.
  3. Click on "Complete Microdem install" and follow instructions.

The individual files that you can analyze using Microdem are posted in the Digital Elevation Models portion of this website.

Instructors: The Norton Resource Library for this book provides instructions on using Microdem in PowerPoint and Word formats. You can customize these and distribute them to your students.

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