Franklin Foer

American journalist. Born into a family of writers, Foer began his own career in journalism soon after graduating from Columbia University. He has written extensively for such publications as Slate and New York magazine, and has published two books: How Soccer Explains the World (2004) and Jewish Jocks (co-edited with Marc Tracy, 2012). Foer is probably best known for his work with the New Republic, a century-old political journal, for which he was managing editor from 2006 to 2010. When a new owner acquired the magazine in 2012, he persuaded Foer to resume his former post; two years later Foer was forced out and more than half the staff resigned in protest. Before leaving the New Republic, Foer edited a volume celebrating the magazine's 100 years, Insurrections of the Mind (2014). See also @FranklinFoer on Twitter.