Wallace Stegner

American historian, novelist, and environmentalist. Stegner was born in Lake Mills, Iowa, and had an itinerant upbringing in Montana, Utah, and Saskatchewan. He studied at the University of Utah and the University of Iowa, where he earned a doctorate in 1935. He taught at the University of Utah, the University of Wisconsin, and Harvard University before settling at Stanford University, where he established the creative writing program that now bears his name. His thirteen novels include Angle of Repose (1971), winner of the Pulitzer Prize, and The Spectator Bird (1977), winner of the National Book Award. Stegner also published six short-story collections and sixteen works of nonfiction, including Mormon Country (1942), a history of Utah; Wolf Willow (1962), an autobiography; and On the Teaching of Creative Writing (1982). See also wallacestegner.org.