Melvin Konner (b. 1946)

American anthropologist, biologist, educator, and physician. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Konner graduated from Brooklyn College, City University of New York, and received his Ph.D. at Harvard University, where he began his teaching career as an anthropologist; he now holds a joint appointment in the departments of anthropology and medicine at Emory University. Konner’s concerns range from the crisis in health care to the future of Israel and the health benefits of returning to the so-called caveman diet. His books include The Tangled Wing: Biological Constraints on the Human Spirit (1982, 2002), Becoming a Doctor: A Journey of Initiation in Medical School (1988), and Unsettled: An Anthropology of the Jews. His most recent book, The Evolution of Childhood (2009), is a comprehensive study of childhood throughout human history. See also