Philip Gourevitch (b. 1961)

American journalist and editor. Born in Philadelphia, Gourevitch was educated at Cornell University and Columbia University, where he earned an M.F.A. in fiction. After a decade as a freelance journalist, he joined the staff of the New Yorker in 1997. Gourevitch spent several years investigating the genocide in Rwanda and published his observations in his first book, We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families: Stories from Rwanda (1988). A Cold Case (2002) concerns the investigation of an unsolved murder in New York City. His most recent work, Standard Operating Procedure (2008, reissued as The Ballad of Abu Ghraib), co-written with documentary filmmaker Errol Morris, describes the misconduct of American soldiers in Iraq. Gourevitch was named editor of the Paris Review in 2005. See also