Ian Frazier (b. 1951)

American essayist and humorist. Born in Hudson, Ohio, Frazier studied at Western Reserve Academy and Harvard University, where he cut his teeth as a humorist at the satirical Harvard Lampoon. Since his graduation from Harvard in 1973 many of his humorous pieces have appeared first in the New Yorker and then been collected in such volumes as Dating Your Mom (1986), Coyote v. Acme (1996), and Lamentations of the Father (2008). Frazier’s best-known work of nonfiction is Great Plains (1989); like the autobiographical Family (1994) and On the Rez (2000), it is based on both extensive research and his own experiences after moving to Montana in 1982. Since relocating with his family to the East Coast he has published Gone to New York: Adventures in the City (2005). See also us.macmillan.com/ author/ianfrazier.