Brian Doyle (b. 1956)

American essayist, editor, and fiction writer. Born in New York City, Doyle received his B.A. from the University of Notre Dame in 1978. After working on various magazines and newspapers in Chicago and Boston, since 1991 he has edited the University of Portland’s Portland Magazine. A prolific writer of essays, stories, and the prose poems he calls “proems,” Doyle has published ten books, including the essay collection Spirited Men (2004), about male musicians and writers; The Wet Engine (2005), about “hearts and how they work and do not work and get repaired and patched, for a while”; and The Grail (2006), about a year in an Oregon vineyard. His most recent book is what he calls a “sprawling epic elephantine serpentine” novel, Mink River (2010). See also