Colby Buzzell (b. 1976)

American author, blogger, and former U.S. Army soldier. Born and raised in California, Buzzell joined the army at the age of twenty-six and was sent to Iraq in 2003 as an infantryman. As the war there escalated, Buzzell began writing an anonymous blog entitled “CBFTW” (standing for “Colby Buzzell Fuck The War”) in which he vividly described the daily experiences of an ordinary soldier. The blog soon attracted an avid and growing readership, but after just eight weeks Army authorities discovered the blogger’s identity and ordered him to cease. Upon returning from Iraq, Buzzell wove his wartime blog postings, journal entries, and e-mails together and published them as My War: Killing Time in Iraq (2005), which won the 2007 Lulu Blooker Prize for the best book based on a blog. See also