Anthony Burgess (1917–1993)

English novelist, playwright, editor, and composer. Born John Burgess Wilson in Manchester, England, he graduated from Manchester University and became a lecturer and teacher of English until 1954, when he was hired as an education officer in the Colonial Service and stationed in Malaya. He began writing while there, but when told in 1959 that he had a year to live, he returned to England and wrote five novels in one year, publishing as Anthony Burgess. The diagnosis proved wrong, and he lived to write several dozen more, including A Clockwork Orange (1962), which was made into a film by Stanley Kubrick; Nothing Like the Sun (1964); M/F (1971); Earthly Powers (1980); Any Old Iron (1989); and A Dead Man in Deptford (1993). In addition, Burgess wrote highly acclaimed critical studies of James Joyce and D. H. Lawrence and composed over 250 musical works. See also