Gene Weingarten (b. 1951)

American journalist. Born in New York City, Weingarten studied psychology at New York University because, he says, “it was the easiest major”; nevertheless, he became so immersed in his work for the school newspaper that he never completed his degree. Instead, he went to work for the Miami Herald’s Sunday magazine, Tropic, which won two Pulitzer Prizes during his tenure as editor. Since joining the Washington Post, he has contributed the weekly humor column “Below the Beltway,” and his feature articles have won him two Pulitzer Prizes of his own: one in 2008 for his story “Pearls before Breakfast,” about a busking violin virtuoso, and another in 2010 for “Fatal Distraction,” about the perils of leaving children unattended in cars. His books include The Hypochondriac’s Guide to Life And Death (1998) and The Fiddler in the Subway (2010). See also