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The structure of this site uses contemporary pedagogical techniques to help you strengthen your study habits.  The site is organized into 3 parts: Prepare, Read and Connect.

1. Prepare

Before you read the works your instructor assigns, be sure to refer to the relevant period introductions and headnotes in your anthology. 

  • The brief introduction summaries can help you to better understand and retain the material in the anthology period introductions.  A list of key points precedes each summary.  For better retention, try reading each summary twice:  once before you read the full introduction in your book and once after you read it.
  • After you’ve read the period introduction in your book and reviewed the summary online, take the corresponding introduction quiz to test your knowledge of the material. You can send your results to the Norton Gradebook to track your progress and share your quiz results with your professor.
  • An Audio Glossary allows you to hear the proper pronunciation of select glossary terms.

2. Read

The headnotes, footnotes, and glosses that accompany every text in the anthology are there to help you better understand the literature your instructor assigns.  The online materials in this section are also designed to improve your comprehension of the works you read. 

  • Multiple-Choice Reading Comprehension Quizzes test your knowledge of some of the most widely taught individual works in the anthology.  You can send your results to the Norton Gradebook to track your progress and share your quiz results with your professor.
  • Audio Readings will enhance your appreciation and comprehension of select works.

3. Connect

Use the resources in this section to explore connections between world literature and its historical and cultural contexts.

  • Over fifty full-color maps represent countries and regions referred to in the anthology.
  • Timelines juxtapose the works with their historical contexts.
  • Select world music clips bring world cultures to life.
  • Online essays explore themes across literatures and cultures.  Each includes suggestions for writing and research.
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