The Victorian Age

Texts Contexts
1830 Alfred Lord Tennyson,Poems, Chiefly Lyrical 1830 Opening of Liverpool and
Manchester Railway
1832 Sir Charles Lyell,Principles of
1832 First Reform Bill
1833 Thomas Carlyle,Sartor Resartus 1833 Factory Act. Abolition of Slavery Act. Beginning of Oxford Movement
1836 Charles Dickens,Pickwick Papers 1836 First train in London
1837 Carlyle,The French Revolution 1837 Victoria becomes queen
  1838 "People's Charter" issued by
Chartist Movement
  1840 Queen marries Prince Albert
1842 Tennyson,Poems. Robert
Browning,Dramatic Lyrics
1842 Chartist Riots. Copyright Act.
Mudie's Circulating Library
1843 John Ruskin,Modern Painters(vol. 1)  
  1845-46 Potato famine in Ireland. Mass emigration to North America
1846 George Eliot,The Life of Jesus(translation) 1846 Repeal of Corn Laws. Robert
Browning marries Elizabeth Barrett
1847 Charlotte Brontë,Jane Eyre. Emily Brontë,Wuthering Heights 1847 Ten Hours Factory Act
1848 Elizabeth Gaskell,Mary Barton. William Makepeace Thackeray,Vanity Fair 1848 Revolution on the Continent.
Second Republic established in France. Founding of Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
1850 Tennyson,In Memoriam. William Wordsworth,The Prelude(posthumous publication) 1850 Tennyson succeeds Wordsworth as Poet Laureate
1851 Ruskin,Stones of Venice 1851 Great Exhibition of science and industry at the Crystal Palace
1853 Matthew Arnold,Poems  
1854 Dickens,Hard Times 1854 Crimean War. Florence Nightingale organizes nurses to care for sick and wounded
1855 Robert Browning,Men and Women  
1857 Elizabeth Barrett Browning,Aurora Leigh 1857 Indian Mutiny. Matrimonial Causes Act
1859 Charles Darwin,Origin of Species. John Stuart Mill,On Liberty. Tennyson,Idylls of the King(books 1-4)  
1860 Dickens,Great Expectations. Eliot,The Mill on the Floss 1860 Italian unification
  1861 Death of Prince Albert
  1861-6 5 American Civil War
1862 Christina Rossetti,Goblin Market  
1864 R. Browning,Dramatis Personae  
1865 Lewis Carroll,Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1865 Jamaica Rebellion
1866 Algernon Charles Swinburne,Poems and Ballads  
1867 Karl Marx,Das Kapital 1867 Second Reform Bill
  1868 Opening of Suez Canal
1869 Arnold, Culture and Anarchy. Mill, The Subjection of Women  
  1870 Married Women's Property Act. Victory in Franco-Prussian War makes Germany a world power. Elementary Education Act
1871 Darwin,Descent of Man 1871 Newnham College (first women's Oxbridge college) founded at Cambridge
1872 Eliot,Middlemarch  
1873 Walter Pater,Studies in the History of the Renaissance  
  1877 Queen Victoria made empress of India. Gerard Manley Hopkins joins Jesuit order
  1878 Electric street lighting in London
1885 W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan,The Mikado 1885 Massacre of General Gordon and his forces and fall of Khartoum
1886 Robert Louis Stevenson,Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  
1888 Rudyard Kipling,Plain Tales from the Hills  
1889 William Butler Yeats,Crossways 1890 First subway line in London
1891 Thomas Hardy,Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Bernard Shaw,The Quintessence of Ibsenism. Oscar Wilde,The Picture of Dorian Grey. Arthur Conan Doyle,Adventures of Sherlock Holmes  
1893 Shaw,Mrs. Warren's Profession 1893 Independent Labour Party
1895 Wilde,The Importance of Being Earnest. Hardy,Jude the Obscure 1895 Oscar Wilde arrested and
imprisoned for homosexuality
1896 A. E. Housman,A Shropshire Lad  
1898 Hardy,Wessex Poems 1898 Discovery of radium
  1899 Irish Literary Theatre founded in Dublin
  1899-190 2 Anglo-Boer War
1900 Joseph Conrad,Lord Jim  
  1901 Death of Queen Victoria;
succession of Edward VII