Currrency Table 2

circa 1390 1590 1650 1750 1815 1875 1950
food and drink gallon (8 pints) of ale, 1.5d. tankard of beer, .5d. coffee, 1d. a dish "drunk for a penny, dead drunk for two- pence" (gin shop sign in Hogarth print) ounce of laudanum, 3d. pint of beer, 3d. pint of Guinness stout, 11d.
  gallon (8 pints) of wine, 3 to 4d. pound of beef, 2s. 5d. chicken, 1s. 4d. dinner at a steak house, 1s. ham and potato dinner for two, 7s. dinner in a good hotel, 5s. pound of beef, 2s. 2d.
  pound of cinnamon, 1 to 3s. pound of cinnamon, 10s. 6d. pound of tea, £3 10s. pound of tea, 16s. Prince Regent's dinner party for 2000, £12.000 pound of tea, 2s. dinner on railway car, 7s. 6d.
entertainment no cost to watch a cycle play admission to public theater, 1 to 3d. falcon, £11s. 5d. theater tickets, 1 to 5s. admission to Covent Garden theater, 1 to 7s. theater tickets, 6d. to 7s. admission to Old Vic theater, 1s. 6d. to 10s. 6d.
  contributory admission to professional troupe theater cheap seat in private theater, 6d. billiard table, £25 admission to Vauxhall Gardens, 1s. annual subscription to Almack's (exclusive club), 10 guineas admission to Madam Tussaud's waxworks, 1s. admission to Odeon cinema, Manchester, 1s 3d.
  maintenance for royal hounds at Windsor, .75d. a day "to see a dead Indian" (quoted inThe Tempest), 1.25d. (ten "doits") three- quarter length portrait painting, £31 lottery ticket, £20 (shares were sold) Jane Austen's piano, 30 guineas annual fees at a gentleman's club, 7 to 10 guineas tropical fi sh tank, £4 4s.
reading cheap romance, 1s. play quarto, 6d. pamphlet, 1 to 6d. issue of TheGentleman's Magazine, 6d. issue ofEdinburgh Review, 6s. copy of The Times, 3d. copy ofThe Times, 3d.
  a Latin Bible, 2 to £4 Shakespeare'sFirst Folio (1623), £1 student Bible, 6s. cheap edition of Milton, 2s. membership in circulating library (3rd class), £1 4s. a year illustrated edition ofThrough the Looking-glass, 6s. issue ofEagle comics, 4.5d.
  payment for illuminating a liturgical book, £22 9s. Foxe's Acts and Monuments, 24s. Hobbes'sLeviathan, 8s. Johnson'sDictionary, folio, 2 vols., £4 10s. 1st edition of Austen's Pride and Prejudice, 18s. 1st edition of Trollope'sThe Way We Live Now, 2 vols., £1 1s. Orwell'sNineteen Eighty Four, paperback, 3s. 6d.
transportation night's supply of hay for horse, 2d. wherry ( whole boat) across Thames, 1d. day's journey, coach, 10s. boat across Thames, 4d. coach ride, outside, 2 to 3d. a mile; inside, 4 to 5d. a mile 15-minute journey in a London cab, 1s. 6d. London tube fare, about 2d. a mile
  coach, £8 hiring a horse for a day, 12d. coach horse, £30 coach fare, London to Edinburgh, £4 10s. palanquin transport in Madras, 5s. a day railway, 3rd class, London to Plymouth, 18s. 8d. (about 1d. a mile) petrol, 3s. a gallon
  quality horse, £10 hiring a coach for a day, 10s. fancy carriage, £170 transport to America, £5 passage, Liverpool to New York, £10 passage to India, 1st class, £50 midsize Austin sedan, £449 plus £188 4s. 2d. Tax
clothes clothing allowance for peasant, 3s. a year shoes with buckles, 8d. footman's frieze coat, 15s. working woman's gown, 6s. 6d. checked muslin, 7s. per yard fl annel for a cheap petticoat, 1s. 3d. a yard woman's sun frock, £3 13s. 10d.
  shoes for gentry wearer, 4d. woman's gloves, £1 5s. falconer's hat, 10s. gentleman's suit, £8 hiring a dressmaker for a pelisse, 8s. overcoat for an Eton schoolboy, £1 1s. tweed sports jacket, £3 16s. 6d.
  hat for gentry wearer, 10d. fine cloak, £16 black cloth for mourning household of an earl, £100 very fine wig, £30 ladies silk stockings, 12s. set of false teeth, £2 10s. "Teddy boy" drape suit, £20
labor/incomes hiring a skilled building worker, 4d. a day actor's daily wage during playing season, 1s. agricultural laborer, 6s. 5d. a week price of boy slave, £32 lowest- paid sailor on Royal Navy ship, 10s. 9d. a month seasonal agricultural laborer, 14s. a week minimum wage, agricultural laborer, £4 14s. per 47-hour week
  wage for professional scribe, £2 3s. 4d. a year + cloak house hold servant 2 to £5 a year + food, clothing tutor to noble-man's children, £30 a year house maid's wage, £6 to£8 a year contributor toQuarterly Review, 10 guineas per sheet house maid's wage, £10 to£25 a year shorthand typist, £367 a year
  minimum income to be called gentleman £10 a year; for knighthood, 40 to £400 minimum income for eligibility for knighthood, £30 a year Milton's salary as Secretary of Foreign Tongues, £288 a year Boswell's allowance, £200 a year minimum income for a"genteel" family, £100 a year income of the "comfortable" classes, £800 and up a year middle manager's salary, £1,480 a year
  income from land of richest magnates, £3,500 a year income from land of average earl, £4000 a year Earl of Bedford's income, £8,000 a year Duke of New-castle's income, £40,000 a year Mr. Darcy's income, Pride and Prejudice, £10,000 Trollope's income, £4,000 a year barrister's salary, £2,032 a year