• The John Milton Reading Room
    Hosted by Dartmouth University, this site includes e-texts, notes, introductions, and illustrations.
  • John Byron Resources
    This site includes e-texts (including an extensive collection of contemporary criticism), illustrations, and web links.
  • Romantic Circles Web Site
    A large, ongoing scholarly site on Romantic literature and culture.
  • Romanticism on the Net: The Monk
    A special online issue devoted to Matthew Lewis's "Gothic supershocker," edited by Fred Frank (Allegheny College). Eight essays approach The Monk from a variety of perspectives, such as the influence of volatile French Revolution values and religious and anti-religious impulses. Posted in November 1997.
  • Manfred e-text
    The complete text taken from The Poetical Works of Byron, ed. Paul Elmer More, 1905. Maintained by Jack G. Voller.


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