The Norton Anthology of English Literature

Two-volume clothbound
  • Volume One: 0-393-96287-3
  • Volume Two: 0-393-96289-X

    Two-volume paperbound

  • Volume One: 0-393-96288-1
  • Volume Two: 0-393-96290-3
  • The Sixth Edition of The Norton Anthology of English Literature continues to be the indispensable anthology. Like its predecessors, the Sixth Edition offers the best in English literature from the classic to the contemporary in a readable, teachable format. More selections by women and twentieth-century writers, a richer offering of contextual writings, apparatus fully revised to reflect today's scholarship, and a new larger trim size make the Sixth Edition the choice for breadth, depth, and quality.

    The Editors

    M. H. Abrams, General Editor, Emeritus, Cornell University
    E. Talbot Donaldson, Late of Indiana University
    Alfred David, Emeritus, Indiana University
    Hallett Smith, Formerly with The Huntington Library
    Barbara K. Lewalski, Harvard University
    Robert M. Adams, Late of University of California, Los Angeles
    George M. Logan, Queen's University
    Samuel Holt Monk, Late of the University of Minnesota
    Lawrence Lipking, Northwestern University
    Jack Stillinger, University of Illinois
    George H. Ford, Late of the University of Rochester
    Carol T. Christ, University of California at Berkeley
    David Daiches, Emeritus, University of Sussex
    Jon Stallworthy, Oxford University

    Table of Contents

    Norton Anthology Editions

    The Norton Anthology Editions offer you the flexibility to teach one of the five most widely assigned novels in the survey course. For an additional cost of only $3 to your students you can order the novel of your choice packaged with Volume Two of the anthology. The text and notes of each novel are those of the Norton Critical Edition; new forewords have been specially prepared by a Norton Anthology editor.
    • Norton Anthology Editions packaged with Volume Two of The Norton Anthology of English Literature
      • Frankenstein
        cloth / 0-393-96938-X; paper / 0-393-96937-1
      • Hard Times
        cloth / 0-393-96412-4; paper / 0-393-96416-7
      • Jane Eyre
        cloth / 0-393-96411-6; paper / 0-393-96415-9
      • Pride and Prejudice*
        cloth / 0-393-96409-4; paper / 0-393-96413-2
      • Wuthering Heights
        cloth / 0-393-96410-8; paper / 0-393-96414-0
      *Available in the United States and Canada only

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