Mina Loy, “Brancusi’s Golden Bird”

The English-born poet and artist Mina Loy became involved with nearly every important avant-garde movement of the early part of the twentieth century—from surrealism and Dada to futurism—as she moved between the metropolitan centers of London, Paris, Florence, and New York. In the following poem, she describes a work by Constantin Brancusi, the Romanian-born French sculptor who was one of the pioneers of abstract art. The poem was published facing a picture of Brancusi’s sculpture in the same issue of the literary journal The Dial that also published T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land.

- Poem: "Brancusi's Golden Bird" (PDF - 24k)
- Golden Bird, 1919/1920, Constantin Brancusi
- To learn more about the sculpture, visit this Art Institute of Chicago page.

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