British History of the Period

  • The British Library
    A source of encyclopedic information about British history and culture. Search the catalogue, visit the current exhibitions, or make use of the many services, including document supply.
  • The British Museum
    World-famous museum of human history and culture and for many years the repository of the spoils of empire, including some of the most beautiful and famous objects in the world.
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum
    The museum is an unrivaled source for the history of design, craft, and fashion, particularly, whose origins can be traced to the East India Museum (founded in 1801).


    A collection of sites that examine specific aspects of the debate about imperialism and its political and cultural legacies.

African History

  • Africa Research Central
    A resource for scholarly research in African records, manuscripts, personal papers, photographs, and artifacts. Hosted by California State University, San Bernardino.
  • Anglo-Boer War Museum
    In Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Indian history

Postcolonial Studies

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