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American PassagesVisit our companion site,
American Passages. Produced in conjunction with Oregon Public Broadcasting, this rich site includes an archive featuring over 3,000 images, audio clips, presentation software, and more.

Norton Gradebook

Instructors now have an easy way to collect students’ online quizzes with the Norton Gradebook without flooding their inboxes with e-mails.

Students can track their online quiz scores by setting up their own Student Gradebook.

Welcome to the Norton Anthology of American Literature Student Website

Each of the six brief summaries in the Overview section can help you to better understand and retain the material in the anthology period introductions.  A list of key points precedes each summary.

The Review section of the site includes a Making Connections feature that offers ideas about how to explore connections among literary periods.  The Period Introduction Quizzes focus on the material in the six period introductions in your book.  Use the Reading Comprehension and Short Answer Quizzes to test your knowledge of some of the most widely taught individual works.  You can send your results to the Norton Gradebook to track your progress and share your quiz results with your professor.

The Authors section focuses on some of the most widely taught authors in the anthology.   This section includes questions for writing, research, and discussion; links to the American Passages image archive; and select biographies and bibliographies.

The Topic Clusters build upon selected Contextual Clusters included in the anthology.  Each includes questions for writing, research, and discussion as well as a link to the American Passages image archive.

Timelines help you to place the literary works in historical context.