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Understanding thermo-mechanical properties of a new class of materials
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 18:59:57 EDT
Scientists describe how an accurate statistical description of heterogeneous particulate materials, which is used within statistical micromechanics theories, governs the overall thermo-mechanical properties.

How to maximize the superconducting critical temperature in a molecular superconductor
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 14:52:05 EDT
An international research team has investigated the electronic properties of the family of unconventional superconductors based on fullerenes which have the highest known superconducting critical temperature among molecular superconductors.

Beyond the lithium ion: Significant step toward a better performing battery
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 11:13:52 EDT
Researchers have taken a significant step toward the development of a battery that could outperform the lithium-ion technology used in electric cars such as the Chevy Volt. They have shown they can replace the lithium ions, each of which carries a single positive charge, with magnesium ions, which have a plus-two charge, in battery-like chemical reactions, using an electrode with a structure like those in many of today's devices.

Engineers purify sea and wastewater in 2.5 minutes
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 08:52:12 EDT
A group of engineers have created technology to recover and purify, either seawater or wastewater from households, hotels, hospitals, commercial and industrial facilities, regardless of the content of pollutants and microorganisms in, incredibly, just 2.5 minutes, experts say.

Engineer improves rechargeable batteries with nano 'sandwich'
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 08:50:33 EDT
The key to better cell phones and other rechargeable electronics may be in tiny "sandwiches" made of nanosheets, according to mechanical engineering research.