eTopic 26.1 Sequenced Genomes of Pathogens

The advent of the era of DNA sequencing has produced the complete genomic sequences of hundreds of microbes, many of which are pathogens. The bounty gained from this knowledge includes information about the physiology of these organisms, many of which are difficult or even impossible to grow in the laboratory, and has revealed the presence of many pathogenicity genes and genomic islands. This knowledge will lead to new ideas about pathogenesis, novel approaches to antimicrobial therapy, and intriguing new theories of evolution. The table below list some of the pathogens sequenced. More can be found at

Examples of Pathogens Whose Genomes Have Been Sequenceda


aTo view genomes of pathogens, access the Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes site ( the Entrez Gene site at PubMed (