Catabolite Activator Protein (3-D Interactive Tutorial)

A 3-D, interactive tutorial on catabolite activator protein developed using Jmol (http://jmol.sourceforge.net), an open-source Java viewer for chemical structures in 3-D, by Kenyon College undergraduates.

Hin Recombinase Tutorial

A tutorial on hin recombinase developed by Kenyon College undergraduates.

Video Showing Transition from Bundled to Dispersed Flagella

A video of motile bacteria switching from smooth swimming (bundled flagella) to tumbling (dispersed flagella) during the process of chemotaxis.

Rowland Institute at Harvard: Video of Tethered E. coli

Twirling bacteria. Flagella are attached to a glass slide and motor rotation visualized by the twirling cell. Note that when a motor turns counterclockwise, the attached cell will twirl clockwise. Notice some cells switch from clockwise to counter-clockwise rotation.