3-D View of RNA Polymerase Interaction with DNA

A 3D, interactive image of RNA polymerase bound to DNA. Click on the molecule and move the mouse to view the molecule from several angles. You may need to download the Java viewer, which is available at http://jmol.sourceforge.net.

Chaperone-assisted Protein Folding

This link connects to an elegant animation of how chaperone proteins assist in the folding of proteins as they are synthesized by ribosomes. The animation starts with RNA being translated by ribosomes. You can see the protein exiting from the ribosome exit site. Then some DnaK-like proteins move in and help transport the unfolded protein to a GroEL-GroES chaperone pair, where the protein is then folded into its proper configuration. The animation also depicts how in the absence of chaperones intracellular protein aggregates can form.

Sequenced Genomes

This is a link to the Comprehensive Microbial Resource website. It provides a number of resources for analyzing and displaying genomic DNA. For example, go to the Genome tools tab, under graphical displays, select circular displays. A page with a list of sequenced microbial genomes appears. Select one, Mycobacterium leprae for instance. A circular map of the chromosome will appear, color coded to indicate general gene function. The outer and inner colored ring s represent ORFs that are transcribed in the clockwise and counter clockwise directions, respectively. Click on any region of either ring and a graphical representation of the area's ORFs will appear.