Genome sizes

A list of organisms and genome sizes with links to infomation about many of the organisms

Microbial Genome Database for Comparative Analysis

This website allows you to view all sequenced microbial genomes. The site allows you to search for different genes, view annotations of possible gene function, see by color coding where genes of related function are distributed around each chromosome and allows you to connect to other databases.

DNA Replication in Archaea

The text describes in some detail how bacterial chromosomes replicate and the composition of the machinery used. The archaea, though they look like bacteria, use a more eukaryotic type of replication apparatus. This link takes you to a review article that describes the many differences between bacteria and archaea in replication machinery and mechanism.

DNA Purification Protocols

The text describes a few basic principles of purifying DNA. However, actual techniques for extracting DNA vary greatly depending on whether chromosomal or plasmid DNA is the goal and the nature of the organism under study. This link takes you to a site that describes numerous DNA and RNA extraction protocols, some of which are amenable to use in a student laboratory.

Cloning Strategies

This site presents a clear and simple animation that describes the basic process of cloning and recombinant DNA.