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SINCE 1941 Sky Publishing has been the world’s leading source of accurate and up-to-date information about the science and hobby of astronomy. The company's flagship publication, Sky & Telescope magazine, appeals to the full spectrum of astronomy enthusiasts -- from the novice ready to purchase a first telescope, to the enthusiastic amateur looking to enhance his or her observing skills and equipment, to the professional desiring to keep up with this dynamic field. Sky & Telescope is rich in information and images that compel readers to go out and experience -- and understand -- the night sky.

We also produce SkyWatch, an annual guide to stargazing and space exploration. It features evening sky maps and observing calendars for every month of the year, a preview of upcoming space-science missions, and "how-to" articles for newcomers to the hobby. In addition, Sky Publishing offers the galaxy's best selection of astronomy books, software, star atlases, observing guides, and related products through our mail-order catalog and online store. And we've extended our reach to the Internet by building an award-winning Web site featuring the most comprehensive, informative, and timely astronomical coverage anywhere.

This CD-ROM includes an authoritative Guide to Backyard Astronomy, adapted from Sky & Telescope and SkyWatch, with basic information about the night sky and tips on choosing and using binoculars and telescopes!

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