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Re^3: no, it was there


Amazon took it down, perhaps because the reviewers were being a little too open about who they were buying it for. †And it does appear to be a 'thing' - survivalists stocking up on 'antibiotics' before the coming apocalypse.

Personally, anyone stupid enough to buy antibiotics described as being for fish, which means they're aren't approved by the FDA or any other agency and could literally have anything in the pill bottles (who would you complain to?) deserves whatever happens to them.

AOn Thu Aug 3, YA wrote
>I was wondering what you were on about, then I checked amazon-not there, taken down.
>But it was, I swears-


>Which it might well not have been, and been complete BS; instead of only partial BS. Word to the wise, check your sources.

>On Thu Aug 3, Bob Bridges wrote
>>I was going to ask where you found itócould it really have been on Amazon?óbut I see the URL,


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