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On Thu Dec 21, Chrístő wrote
>'From our upcoming video game "Titanic: Honor and Glory" This is a rough draft ("pre-vis") of our sinking animation. Be sure to contribute to help make our project a reality!'

>'This is our full-length animation of the Titanic sinking, beginning with the iceberg collision and ending with its disappearance. The point of collision is at 1:06. This is a complete animation; not a short animation that was slowed down to match real time. This is also highly accurate, though we have already documented improvements we plan to make for the final game. The animation includes text frequently appearing with what is happening on board the ship. This includes visuals of various interior rooms flooding, lifeboats launching, rockets firing, and the Californian on the horizon. The animation was created in Unreal Engine 4. The exterior model used is not our final model, but an older model created by one of our team members.’

> 2hrs 40m

>There are no people in this version, just a deserted ship subsiding sloowly into the icy water. Nonetheless it is remarkably spooky - the sinking experienced as a bad dream from which you can't wake.

>I found it researching for the previous item.

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