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Re: The five books an old China hand couldn’t live without:


On Fri Feb 23, Chrístõ wrote
> . . former diplomat Richard Margolis’ must-reads for a desert island

I may as well add a newly discovered POBian of my own to this thread, Carol Prisant.

(I devour the arty and expensive design magazine - "World of Interiors". Yesterday I tracked down their US editor, an antiques expert, whose particularly beautiful and original Manhattan apartment mesmerised me. I came upon her answers to the question - "What are your top ten favourite books?")

Carol Prisant:

My favorite book of all time is Moby Dick, although I find it difficult to re-read now that the world’s become so sensitized to whales.

My next 21 favorite books are Patrick O’Brian’s series about the British Navy during the Napoleonic wars.  Fact is, I utterly hate to sail and get seasick at the mooring, but I worship O’Brian’s intellect.  He’s one of the finest writers I know, a Mozart of words.


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