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Re: Gentleman in Moscow

Joe McWilliams

Thanks for the heads-up, Max. I will be sure now not to make that mistake if I ever get my hands on A Gentleman in Moscow, which - due to my reliance on regional library system inventory - may not be for a long time. I checked last night and found every copy of Towle in the system is out and with a waiting list. I had no idea. Same for George Saunders, I notice. Has anyone here read 'Lincoln in the Bardo?'

On Thu Aug 10, Max wrote
>Well, this was depressing. I went to a dinner party of seemingly bright, educated people. Not young.
>They were reading A Gentleman in Moscow with great enjoyment.
>So far, so good.
>While discussing the book however it became apparent that they thought it took place during, or right after, the Napoleonic era.

>I didn't know where to start.

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