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Re^2: Max, what can you tell about the movie _Hook_?

Bob Bridges

Follow-up question, brought on by contemplating "worldwide":  There are plenty of Anglophones worldwide, of course, but I imagine at least some of that revenue came from others.  How is that handled?  Do they use subtitles, dubbing, what?  I'm used to the idea of dubbing for TV sitcoms, so even though it sounds just wrong to hear Joey Tribbiani speaking French I can at least not turn away in horror; but somehow for newly released films it seems less likely.

On Fri Jan 26, Max wrote
>Bob, it was released in December which is a great time for films. It ranked #1 in box office on it's release. It grossed $300m world wide. Therefore, it didn't lose money on it's $70m budget.

>3 years later, Pirates of the Caribean, a film we can all agree was a huge success was released in december. It grossed $400m and some change.

>So, Hook didn't lose, but it wasn't the sequel spewing winner it might have been.

>Total Lifetime Grosses
>Domestic:      $119,654,823        39.8%
>+ Foreign:      $181,200,000        60.2%
>= Worldwide:      $300,854,823     
>Domestic Summary
>Opening Weekend:      $13,522,535
>(#1 rank, 2,197 theaters, $6,155 average)
>% of Total Gross:      11.3%

>Widest Release:      2,254 theaters

>On Thu Jan 25, Bob Bridges wrote
>>I'm describing Walt Disney for a benighted foreigner (Nigerian, actually) and got to looking things up.  I happened to notice on IMDb that the movie Hook (not Disney, but one thing leads to another) had an estimated budget of $70M and grossed $113M in the US.  That doesn't sound like a lot of profit; did Hook actually lose money before it was released worldwide?

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