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Yes, so bland that I only lurk and check in maybe once a week or more, which is why I was late noticing Max's welcome thread.

Political discussions on a forum like this can be rewarding because although we may disagree on politics we do share an interest in something else. This forum attracts some articulate, well-read, intelligent people from both ends of political spectrum. That disposes me, for one, to listen to contrary views and try to explain my own. We ought to be able to have a lively political discussion here once in a while without completely forgetting our manners or abandoning Patrick O'Brian-related discussions. I regret that the Aubrey-Maturin group on facebook makes politics so unwelcome.

As for forced voting - that's not going to fix America's democracy.

A run-off election system might help. That's where you have no primaries, just a big free-for-all first election with as many candidates as fit on the ballot - Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Communists, Nazis, and every wacko who can collect some minimum of signatures - and then a second round between the two top vote getters. It would be instructive for the country to see how many people actually vote for nazis (not very many) and commies (even fewer).

Getting the money out of politics would help too.

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