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Quite so.

The Last of the True French Short Bastards

Once a self-driving car can handle India's traffic, I'll proclaim them ready. Unattended cows, camel- and donkey-carts, pedestrians, hugely overloaded scooters (whole families!), auto-rickshaws, cyclists, peculiar cycle-based contraptions holding vast amounts of freight, cars, gaily-painted trucks with "HORN PLEASE" written on the back, pariah dogs literally asleep in the middle of an intersection... and that's before we get to the roads themselves. No road markings, no traffic lights, no lanes.

I concluded that the only rule of the road in India was "everybody just be cool." If everybody's cool, we'll get through this. It might take all week, but we'll get there.

I don't think "Everybody just be cool" can be coded into an algorithm. It's a state of being.

People were driving around the pariah dogs. Nobody made any effort to move them on.

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