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On Fri Mar 17, Bob Bridges wrote
>I got to thinking I should change the presentation of my email address on this forum. áI still want y'all to know how to email me, but in order to make it harder for the bots to harvest my address, I figured I'd change it to "robhbridges -at- Gmail", or some such.

I have displayed my actual email address here for many years and I do not find myself flooded by bot messages. áMy service provider, Plusnet (a BT subsidiary) has an efficient spam detector service and I use my email client to sort and manage my emails so that I am not overwhelmed by what does turn up. I have created hundreds of filters over the years which are applied to everything that comes in.

My advice is to set an email box just for Ceilidh and set up your client to add its inbox to your main inbox so that you don't need t0 look at it separately. Then if you do find yourself flooded with junk you can disable the link or close the box altogether.

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