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On Tue Jan 31, CAPT Caltrop wrote
>On Tue Jan 31, Chrístő wrote
>>The various political ‘-topias’ (u- = nowhere, eco-, eu- = good, dys- = bad and caco- - worst) are all imaginary so they should not be used to describe actual or historical societies. Better to stick to words like la la land, paradise, shangri la, normality, real life, business-as-usual, laissez faire, bliss, heaven, limbo, purgatory, chaos, hell, SNAFU, et cetera . .

>..."dystopia" should NOT be linked with the name, Soros, because his actions, and the results they precipitate, are dysfunctional and real.

Apply it if you choose but be aware that you are using the word in the wrong context and may be misunderstood or disregarded as an ignorant person. If you don't like Soros, better to say so plainly and spell out what it is that you dislike. 'Dystopia' is a useful word for a particular kind of fiction; there is no merit in applying it more generally to actuality.

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