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Christine Keeler RIP


Who she? - The good-time girl who bought down a government - forever fondly remembered by men of my age:

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‘ . .  Although Keeler objected to the proposal that she undress for the picture, the producers threatened her with breach of contract. Morley took control of the situation. He cleared the studio of everyone and manoeuvred his subject into a pose that would both fulfil the demands of her contract and keep her modesty intact. His studio chair provided the perfect cover.

Just five minutes, and one roll of film later, the session was over. One of the most famous and most imitated photographs ever published was actually an afterthought: ‘I was in a hurry to get the session over and I had stopped shooting,’ says Morley. ‘I had taken a step or so back and looked into my viewfinder as a parting glance, saw the image which caught my fancy... click, there it was, the last frame on the roll.’ . . ‘

The P.M. aka “SuperMac”:
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