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I’m no quiz master


On Sun Jul 16, Joe McWilliams wrote
>Too easy, Christo. Ask us something tougher

AlasI have no book of suitable questions - indeed I have no way of judging what Forumites would find ‘hard’ but not too hard, as we are a varied bunch and I have never met any other POB fans.

The questions I post all come from Oxford Reference and anyone can sign up to receive them at .

I only post ones which have a connection, often tenuous,with our concerns or which amuse or intrigue me. Some of them ask about obscure people or events which to me are of no interest whatsoever.

So for ! week only I will post them all, starting with today’s:

How did Raoul Wallenberg, believed to have died on this day in 1947, save the lives of over 30,000 Jewish people?

Find the answer at:

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